Vocational Education

The Dual VET – Vocational Education and Training supports the development from learning to employment and responds to the skills needed in the labor market. People are trained in a two-factor system – theory and practical.

In Germany, the vocational education and training courses last for two to four years. Apprentices spend a couple of days a week, or several weeks at a time, at a vocational school where they obtain theoretical knowledge for their occupation of choice. Classes also include German, English, and social studies. At the same time, a company or public sector institution hosts the apprentices where they gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The practical training in the company alternates with the supplementary school training. The apprentice usually spends 60 percent of their time in the workplace under supervision of a certified trainer and 40 percent in the classroom.

Dual VET is part of the German school system and enjoys a secure position between general education and the labor market, and is alternative to university-level education.

The Beginning of FAWZ

We took our first steps offering vocational education and training for young unprivileged persons in 1991. Over the years, we have been able to expand our courses and became more diverse focusing on different industries.

Vocational Education and Training Center

The vocational education and training center offer a variety of certified courses:

  • Vocational preparation
  • Initial education
  • Joint training
  • Advanced training

The aim is to integrate young people in their professional life and to promote further professional development through additional educational offerings.

In our workshops men and women learn job-specific skills and abilities in handling machines and materials. Our trained and committed staff impart the necessary knowledge.

Welding Center Fürstenwalde

Thanks to the technical equipment and our qualified trainers, our welding center can offer various welding work and techniques that are practiced directly on site in our workshops.

The Welding Center Fürstenwalde is recognized by the German Association for Welding Technology and Allied Processes (DVS) in Brandenburg. Our training center is also DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 accredited by the Hanseatische Certification Agency GmbH (HZA).


We cherish decades of training tradition. Thanks to our great experience, we are able to offer a professional education and training for welders in the industry. These training courses are even internationally recognized and open up new opportunities on the national and international job market. Maintaining high quality standards is one of the key elements which is why our trainees achieve high placement rates after successfully completing their courses.