Fundamental Education

Besides our core competencies of providing basic and upper school education as well as vocational training, we are also offering various language courses for immigrants and provide assistance to teenagers and young adults who are in need.

Language Courses

We offer various German language courses for people with a migration background, asylum seekers and refugees in order to integrate everyone into a life in Germany and to enable them to learn the language skills needed to pursue a job. In addition to the development of linguistic skills, the courses also include the transfer of knowledge about culture, country and people.

FAWZ offers a wide range of linguistic development and qualification options for those people:

  • Initial orientation courses
  • German language courses for refugees
  • Integration courses
  • Job-related language courses
  • Perspectives for young refugees


All language projects are funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family of the state of Brandenburg and the European Social Fund. The courses are arranged by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


Youth Assistance

As a provider of education and knowledge we offer a wide range of projects. Those projects are supporting young people, young adults as well as young parents and long-term unemployed people in improving their individual situations.

The different programs focus on:

  • Early childhood integration through care taking, language and culture
  • Encouragement of early profession orientation from the 7th grade
  • Provision of initial professional knowledge and improving training ability
  • Youth job assistance for trying various professional areas through to reintegration into working life


The projects enable the participants to exchange ideas with like-minded people and still having a professional contact person for their concerns.

Current Projects:

  • Profession and academic orientation
  • Network education and training
  • Application and advice Center Fürstenwalde
  • Integration guide Fürstenwalde
  • Parent-child group
  • Project ATZE