Buddy Program and Host Family

A student exchange requires students who can accompany them for easier adjustment and the families who offer the exchange students from abroad a safe accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Buddy Program

In the buddy program, we assign a FAWZ student to an international exchange student. As a buddy, they take a special part of this experience of an international student exchange here in Germany. Every exchange student has his or her own needs and expectations! As a buddy, it is important to be open, flexible and helpful. You can decide how you can contact the international student and how often. 

Become a Buddy!

Become a buddy and support an exchange student! Get to know a new culture and share your knowledge of German culture and our local customs. You can find out more in our buddy program guide. (Soon to come).

Host Family

As a host family for an international student, you enrich your own life and of the student!

  • You learn exciting things about a new culture
  • Your child or children will have an extra brother or sister with whom they can develop a relationship
  • You build a lifelong friendship and relationship
  • You experience a unique joy for giving a student from another country a wonderful life experience

Become a Host Family!

If you would like to host an exchange student, please register using the following form. (The form will follow soon.)

Alternatively, you can also send us an email here and tell us about your interest in becoming a host family.


Host Families Abroad

The host families in the partner country are carefully selected according to strict criteria. Thus, you can be assured that your child is well looked after and the connection is natural. If, contrary to expectations, the contact persons in both countries will help to find a new host family (or, if necessary, to return to Germany earlier).