International Exchange Programs

The FAWZ gGmbH offers international study abroad for students of the secondary level (SEK I and SEK II) as well as the vocational school. We are currently cooperating with New Zealand, Peru, Chile and the Philippines. We are constantly expanding our international relationships. We already accepted international students in our schools and send our students to partner schools abroad.

Advantages of Student Exchanges

International mobility and partnership open up a multitude of positive prospects. It provides excellent education and personal development opportunities. A student exchange enables young people to develop and enhance individual abilities and skills profoundly.

Positive changes regarding:

  • promoting self-efficacy
  • improving social skills
  • improving foreign language skills
  • linking and applying knowledge
  • advanced orientation in a globalized world
  • knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • conscious approach to diversity

All of these aspects will shape a student positively for a lifetime. The international exchange also forms a basis for future career choices, mobility and promotes the ability to cooperate.

Preparation Workshop for Student Exchanges

Our students are extensively prepared for the exchange over the long term. In addition to the lessons, we hold preparatory workshops. Here, the students learn the basics about the partner country, learn to find their way in a new cultural environment and to master new situations.

FAWZ makes sure that the host family for the exchange student is selected carefully by the partner school, interviews them and collects necessary information to make sure the student will have a safe and friendly environment. Students meet regularly with a local representative in order to ease adjustment to the culture and family life.

Contact Person in Germany

In Germany, our international advisors at the FAWZ schools are immediately available. We will provide you with detailed information on all the aspects: from visas and insurances to host families and culture. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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