School Locations

Our educational landscape extends over 3 districts and 6 locations in Brandenburg. All schools are connected to a good infrastructure and can be easily reached by public transport.


Fürstenwalde – Strong Economy and Beautiful Forest 

Our headquarter and Paula Fürst Vocational School are both located in Fürstenwalde which is in close proximity to Berlin (50 km). You can reach and explore the capital in just 30 minutes by train. And the new Tesla Gigafactory is only 20 km away.

Fürstenwalde town is blessed with many beautiful forests which also gave the town its name. The 32,000 populated town is also directly located on the river Spree in the Oder-Spree district.

Fürstenwalde is known to have the strongest economy in the region. Beside us, other important employers such as the E.DIS AG (largest energy supplier in Brandenburg), Goodyear Dunlop and various other small and medium-sized companies are also located in Fürstenwalde. Thanks to our train station, we are also very well connected to the capital and neighboring Poland.

Fürstenwalde is a family-friendly city with pediatricians, many daycare centers for childrens, schools and well-kept public playgrounds. Furthermore, Fürstenwalde has good medical care facilities with clinics and pharmacies as well as a tranquil inner city with various retailers and countless grocery stores. Public life is diverse. Restaurants, cafés and intercultural shops enrich life. Town festivals are regularly celebrated, to which not only the locals, but also families from the surrounding communities like to stop by.

FAWZ gGmbH contributes an important part to the educational landscape and the associated educational diversity.

Distance to Berlin
0 km
Distance to Tesla-Gigafactory
0 km

Grünheide (Hangelsberg) – Life in the Middle of Nature

Our Clara Grunwald Montessori campus is located in Hangelsberg – consisting of a kindergarten, primary and high school.

Hangelsberg is a district in Grünheide, close to the new Tesla factory. A beautiful place in the middle of nature. Here, daily life is more closely linked to relaxation than anywhere else. Hangelsberg is mainly known for its convenient location and for its landscape. It lies between forest and meadows which attracts many visitors. In spring, lilies of the valley bloom en-masse in Hangelsberg and are one of the largest occurrences in Europe.

Grünheide is a very sporty region as well. The SG Hangelsberg 47 e.V, a modern multi-purpose hall sports club offers a wide variety of sporting activities and a meeting point for young and old. Another activity that you can do in this town is canoeing, as there are several boat entry and exit options. One of them is at natural beach Unsal, with a swimming area and playground – an idyllic place for families and in the direction going to Fürstenwalde town.

The best way to get to know Grünheide and Hangelsberg is watching this video!

Woltersdorf – The Upper Suburb of Berlin

One of our three comprehensive schools is located in Woltersdorf.

Woltersdorf is a small, upscale community with around 8.000 inhabitants located only a few minutes away from Berlin. This location drives more and more people to stay in the area because of the attractive residential area and its rich nature, surrounded by lakes and forests. Sports enthusiasts are also very welcome and in particular enjoying water sports activities in the wonderful Kalksee, from diving to rowing clubs to marinas. Another great excursion destination is the 102m high Kranichsberg with its wooden observation tower and the so called “love source”. Woltersdorf is the smallest municipality in Germany that has its own tram.

Film producer Joe May once built the May Film City here over a century ago. More than 100 movies were shot in the region around Woltersdorf.

Königs Wusterhausen – Between Suburban Flair and Nature

Our Montessori primary school and our youngest comprehensive school with its upper secondary school share their abode on our Königs Wusterhausen school campus.

Around 38.000 people live in Königs Wusterhausen. The suburban flair and the proximity to Berlin are clearly noticeable here, even though we are in a region rich in forests, meadows and lakes. The city has a well-developed infrastructure. There are many leisure activities related to culture, cuisine and entertainment. On top, one of the largest shopping centers in Brandenburg, the A10 Center, is around the corner.

The newly opened international airport BER is also located a few kilometers from the city.

And yet, the nature and its delightful impressions are being loved from the people of Königs Wusterhausen. Not forgetting to mention the great sport activities such as hiking and cycling that attracts nature lovers.

Here you may get some additional insights into Königs Wusterhausen’s local life.

Petershagen – Close Proximity to Berlin

Our largest school, a comprehensive school with upper secondary level, is based in Petershagen/Eggersdorf.

The town is located east of Berlin and home to 15,000 people. The direct S-Bahn train connection to the center of the capital Berlin makes Petershagen-Eggersdorf particularly attractive.

The family-friendly community offers several children daycare centers and primary schools in town and neighboring areas. And various sports facilities and many excursion destinations are waiting to be discovered in the surrounding communities. Hikers and cyclists will particularly enjoy and find enough variety of activities when exploring nature. Several lakes also promise sufficient relaxation, especially in summer.

Briesen – Petite and Calm

One of our smallest high schools is located here.

Briesen community retains its village character and its calm manner. There is an astonishingly supply available for the 3,000 inhabitants living here. The “big village” has everything it needs. Children daycare centers, schools, medical care and grocery stores. It is here, where you can still enjoy the simple life without forgetting the future.


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