Campus Life

All FAWZ schools are all-day schools that offer leisure activities for a balanced everyday school life. It improves the school performance and promotes the individual development and skills of each child outside of the classroom.


In order to offer attractive activities to our students, numerous regional partners support us with their specialist knowledge. They enable us to implement a variety of activities at our schools.

All schools have all-day offers that focus on the interests of our students and differentiates among our facilities.

Sports & Fitness

Athletics • Basketball • Badminton • Fishing • Football Handball • Rugby • Chess • Dancing • Zumba • Yoga



Band • Choir


Art & Culture

Photography • Cooking • Book Club • School Newspaper Languages • Drawing • Street Art • Theatre • Pottery • Wood Workshop • Upcycling


Astronomy • Computer & IT • Web Development • Mechanics Research • Logic • Natural Sciences • Nature Conservancy Optics • Robotics • Gardening • Scientific Drawing