Guest Teacher

Foreign language assistants (FSA) and visiting teachers enrich the lessons at our schools and thus increase the quality of the lessons.

Foreign Language Assistant

Foreign language assistants are part of the oldest international exchange program of the Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD).

Guest Teacher

Visiting teachers are young student teachers or teachers who assist in teaching at our schools as part of our internal exchange program with other countries.

Intercultural Skills

Both are primarily used in foreign language lessons generating vivid and authentic lessons through their contributions to discussions and realistic reports from their home countries. They also have a meaningful and invigorating effect in other specialist areas and in the extracurricular area.

Foreign language assistants and visiting teachers motivate the students through their mother tongue and regional knowledge, arouse curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the culture and language of their home country and promote language skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in enhancing our schools with your work as a foreign language assistant or guest teacher.