Student Academy (since 2020)

The Student Academy is an institution providing additional learning opportunities for students in our schools. The academy was initially launched to establish a compensatory learning opportunity for the time lost during the corona lockdown in 2020. All of our schools in Hangelsberg, Briesen, Woltersdorf, Petershagen and Königs Wusterhausen are participating and the learning deficits have been addressed.

The Student Academy is completely free of charge and available for all students in order to give everyone the same opportunities. It is individually tailored to the needs of our schools and help to build up basics and compensate for deficits.

Additional Free Learning for FAWZ Students

We provide additional learning opportunities for our students accompanied by our teachers and external experts.

Each of our schools – whether primary schools, high schools or comprehensive schools – has its own individual concept for implementing the Student Academy. The academy takes place regularly in our schools.

This program is financially and personally supported by the FAWZ. We enable all students to have equal opportunities.

And in the Future?

We want to expand the program of ​​the Student Academy further. In addition to compensate potential deficits, we also want to focus more deeply with individual project topics in the future. The Student Academy shall be also available for high-performing and motivated students who are particularly willing to learn and perform and who have diverse interests.

You can find more information about our Student Academy at