Pedagogical Academy (since 2017)

We are particularly proud of our school for prospective teachers. Every lateral entry teacher who has not completed an academic degree in teaching will undergo an educational one-year program assuming that the specific knowledge for certain subjects already exists. All necessary didactic skills will be taught to have a proper entry into the teaching profession.

Our School for Prospective Teachers

The Pedagogical Academy of the FAWZ has been an important part of our diverse educational program since 2017. It primarily offers a didactic and pedagogical basic qualification for lateral entry teachers who work at our schools on the basis of a limited teaching permit. The learning fields include:

  • General didactics
  • Basics of educational psychology
  • School law
  • Communication

In addition, our Pedagogical Academy also offers advanced training and further education as well as qualification programs for all pedagogical employees of our schools. These advanced training courses are based on school development and quality in the Brandenburg framework for school quality, current events in the school landscape and the needs of our employees.

You can find more information about our Pedagogical Academy here.