Free Montessori High School Hangelsberg (since 2008)

“Give freedom – achieve learning success”

Our Free Montessori High School Hangelsberg opened its doors in 2008. Finally, there was an additional offer for a progressive pedagogical school concept.

This school is deliberately a single-class school. We maintain an open and very familiar atmosphere where students and teachers meet on an equal footing. The achievements of each and every student is of high importance to us.

Lessons are Simply Different

We offer very diverse lessons including subject teaching, advanced courses, learning office and study periods individually or in a group as well as project lessons or home study periods. Classes in grade 7 and 8 are also mixed.

In the lower secondary level (grades 7-10) the focus is predominantly on the following Montessori principles:

  • Formation of personality
  • Principle of freedom
  • Social attachment
  • Changed teaching role
  • Practicing in school
  • Work in workshops (student projects)

Additional focus is spent on:

  • Social school work
  • Early career guidance
  • Practical life exercises
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Provision for breaks

Our students work very independently and self-organized and even document their learning successes. The logbook plays an important role here: as everyone lists down their individual performances, the students also recognizes what they have already achieved and where they might need to put more effort.

The Free Montessori high school Hangelsberg is part of the Montessori Campus Hangelsberg Clara Grunwald.

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