High School Briesen (since 2009)

“All-day school in the countryside”

For more than two years there was no secondary school in Briesen (Mark) and in the vicinity. We took responsibility and opened the High School Briesen in 2009.

Our private high school shares a building with the state primary school resulting in a very good cooperation between the two schools. However, the pedagogical concept of our high school went completely new ways. We are an all-day school with individual study times and a professional orientation.

Strong Profile of the High School Briesen

  • Single course all-day school in the countryside
  • Small classes with a maximum of 24 students
  • Family school atmosphere
  • Cooperation between of students, teachers and parents
  • Development and consolidation of social skills
  • Strengthening self-confidence and responsibility
  • Action-oriented and self-determined learning
  • Individual learning times
  • Individual education plan
  • Profession orientation
  • Focus on economy-work-technology
  • Diverse extracurricular and leisure activities
  • No school fees

Our variety of extracurricular and leisure activities creates a great balance for our students: We serve the musical-artistic, technical, sporting as well as natural and social science interests of our students.

Private School without School Fees

Although our high school Briesen is a privately owned and managed school, there are currently no tuition fees for attending the classes.


Graduation ranges from an advanced vocational qualification up to a technical secondary school degree with entitlement to further study at a comprehensive school with upper secondary level. Each student can achieve the best possible degree according to their level of ability.

You can find more information about our high school Briesen at www.oberschule-briesen.de.