Free Montessori Primary School Hangelsberg (since 2003)

“Every child learns differently”

Our Montessori Primary School in Hangelsberg was founded in response to a parents’ initiative. Parents were looking for an alternative school form of learning and educating their children. The result was a progressive pedagogical school concept following the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

As the relationship to nature is of high importance of this pedagogy, the school was located in the quiet and leafy Hangelsberg, a district of the municipality of Grünheide. The school opened its doors in 2003. Currently 8 learning groups are taught in grades 1 to 6.

Our Montessori primary school was the first all-day progressive school with an integrated after-school care center in Brandenburg.

The Montessori school concept is very much based on making own experiences. The children get the freedom and the support to develop their own personality freely while being accompanied and observed carefully.

In addition to subject lessons and free work, there are many additional extras that are being offered. A wide range of leisure groups, the support of those with learning difficulties as well as the demands of those with strong learning skills, the nursery garden, the library and much more makes the school something special.

Main Focus and Advantages of the Montessori Primary School Hangelsberg

  • Free development of personality
  • Independent and self-motivated learning
  • Mixed-year learning groups with a maximum of 24 students
  • Organized learning environment
  • Free choice of work, time, place and partner
  • New role of the teacher
  • One study group – two nursery school teachers
  • Individual support and challenge
  • Strengthen social skills
  • All-day school with integrated day-care center
  • Wide range of leisure groups
  • Learning in the middle of nature

The Free Montessori primary school Hangelsberg is part of the Montessori Campus Hangelsberg Clara Grunwald, which also includes our kindergarten and secondary school. You can find more information about our Montessori Primary School Hangelsberg at