Comprehensive School with Upper Secondary Level Petershagen (since 2007)

“Ideal profession and academic orientation”

At the request of the municipality, we opened the comprehensive school with upper secondary level Petershagen in 2007 after the state school has been closing.

The Largest School in our Family

The Petershagen comprehensive school is our largest school with over 600 students. In the lower secondary level, there is currently four to five courses are taught, whereas in the upper secondary level two to three courses are taught.

2 New Buildings in Just 6 Years

Only 4 years after our Petershagen comprehensive school opened, an additional new building was already planned and opened its doors only one year later. A second new building followed six years afterwards.

Strong School Profile

The holistic development of all students is of high priority.

  • Independent and responsible learning
  • Profession and academic orientation
  • Lessons in small classes with a maximum of 25 students
  • Modern school buildings with up-to-date technical rooms
  • Digitalized teaching
  • Diverse partner projects

In the lower secondary level (grades 7-10) the focus is predominantly on:

  • All-day school with various extracurricular and leisure activities
  • Early career orientation with practical learning
  • Developing social skills

In the upper secondary level (grades 11-13) the focus is primarily on:

  • One more year time due to the preparatory phase in class 11
  • Start with a second foreign language in grade 11
  • Small course sizes with great learning success
  • Intensifying language
  • Profession and academic orientation


For the second time in a row, our comprehensive school Petershagen has received the award “School with Excellent Profession and Academic Orientation”. In 2017, it was also awarded the title “Best Practice School for Entrepreneurship”.

Comprehensive School versus Grammar School

A special feature of the comprehensive school with upper secondary level compared to a grammar school is the three-year upper level. While grammar school students only have 2 years to prepare for the Abitur, here they have an additional year to develop. In the 11th grade students can opt to learn a second foreign language like Spanish.


All school degrees can be done at the comprehensive school Petershagen – from the advanced vocational qualification to the Abitur. Each student can achieve the best possible degree according to their level of ability.

Did you know that the comprehensive school with upper secondary level Petershagen is the only independent comprehensive school in its district Märkisch-Oderland.

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