Center for Learning Therapy and Learning Assistance (since 2015)

Key of our Learning Therapy Center is to develop and procure the basic techniques to the students who are in need. Intensive support is given to our students who have difficulties in reading, writing and calculating to ensure that they are able to keep up with the rest of the class.

Aim of the integrative learning therapy is to significantly reduce or even overcome learning and performance disorders, concentration difficulties or a lack of motivation to learn. The children experience that learning can be fun again and hence regain joy going to school.

Integrative Learning Therapy

Integrative learning therapy can provide a solution for children and adolescents who are having some difficulties in school:

  • Child needs more time to learn the basic techniques
  • Difficulties in reading, writing and calculating are so pronounced that it exceeds the learning options in the regular school time
  • School performance does not improve even through additional practice at home or through tutoring

Open to All Children

Our integrative learning therapy welcomes all children of every age and even supports children of other schools.

We offer the learning therapy at two locations:

  • Vocational School Paula Fürst in Fürstenwalde
  • Montessori Campus Hangelsberg Clara Grunwald

You can find more information about our integrative learning therapy at